Connect your factory, your company,... your enterprise !

Which Architecture for you ?


A FactoryBrain (tm) installed in your factory, connected to all your equipments:"

  • Automation, PLC, Scada
  • Laboratory equipments
  • ERP, maintenance systems, enterprise applications


  • Visibility on 100% of your data, realtime
  • Use integrated historian
  • Pilot your factory
  • Launch your applications from any location

Redundancy can be added at any time:

  • Connection through very high speed bus
  • Provides redundancy on supervision
As FactoryBrain is already very reliable, the interest of redundancy is mainly to allow real time updating of all system components without downtime.

Appliance is monitored 24/24, 7/7 by Plantformance technical teams. Plantformance is very likely going to solve any potential issue (security, reliability, update,...) before you even notice there is one !


  • Eco-friendly design
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional redundancy
  • Fully managed


FactoryBrain appliances can be connected together:

  • With a central point
  • Without a central point

Connected FactoryBrains allow:

  • Virtual factories (2+ factories in one screen)
  • Central control room (common operator for several plants)
  • Consolidation of data, updating anything in realtime
  • Re-using common templates for different factories
  • Global power monitoring
  • Global connectivity to enterprise applications

The main advantage of this architecture is to provide a "communication backbone" to any industrial data, between all plants, in real time.


  • The foundation for true big-data applications
  • Simplify centralized performance management
  • Inform your plant staff everywhere in real time
  • Optimize workforce


For enterprises with many factories, it is recommended to connect factories by group:

  • By region
  • By business unit, or product segment
  • By country
  • Or any logical segmentation

FactoryBrain appliances can be linked as a tree.

On software point of view, all FactoryBrains will be able to exchange together , irrespective of how they are wired. And all communications are realtime !

This offers fantastic possibilities like:

  • Exchanging real time data for performance monitoring
  • Grouping data flows by business, similar machines, or any other paramater
  • Looking to historical data from any sensor, any factory, from anywhere
  • Field of application is unlimited !

Istalling redundant appliances on intermediate levels activate redundancy on the networking side.

Enterprise architecture allows your enterprise to become connected, Industry 4.0 compliant.


  • The foundation for true big-data applications
  • The logical choice to Industry 4.0
  • Gives you an enterprise indsutrial communication bus
  • Use-cases are nearly unlimited