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  • Address: Plantformance AG, Sonnenbergstrasse 27, 5408 Ennetbaden, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 7873569seventy
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About Us

At Plantformance, we are passionated by Industrial Control Systems, but also by latest IT technologies. We want to provide our clients an exceptional level of service, for a fraction of the price they would pay to some other companies. We want to give them the best, right now. As our grandparents said : you need good tools to make a good work... and in a factory you need good tools for operators to produce!

Dominique Wille Dominique Wille CEO Dominique Wille got multiple positions in large companies, worked a lot abroad with 3 expat positions. He is used to discuss with everybody from the factory floor cleaning technician to the group CEO.

Automation, Cyber-security, process control, OPC, OPC-UA, Can, Program management, Management, Ignition...
Rok Zupan Rok Zupan CTO Rok Zupan is a self-made man that started his first company with almost nothing and raised-it to a significant level, after getting in touch with some projects for a large multinational company.

Siemens Step7, PCS7, Abb System 800xA, Automation, Cyber-security, process control, OPC, OPC-UA, Ignition...
Team Team of young and enthusiastic people searching for optimal solutions and providing top support for our clients.

Programming, Architecture, Design, Sales, Marketing, ...