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  • Your factory, going DIGITAL
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    Accessible from anywhere
    Remote assistance
    Remote operations
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A service that includes hardware, software,... everything !

Typical project timeline

Everything starts with a checklist that we send you.

We are commited to make you happy and this starts by making sure that everything is prepared for proper installation & operations : network, scada, PLCs, number of operator stations,... there are several questions that need to be answered.

Generally plant automation staff & IT are the best people to manage this audit.

This job does not take more than a few hours for somebody that has knowledge of IT & automation.

Contractual relations have to be organized properly between our companies:

  • You trust us to support your operations
  • We trust you for the long-term

Therefore a contract has to be established between your company & Plantformance, that especially focus on initial setup, building your HMI, monthly services with duties but also limits & exclusions (not many), invoicing rules, and options to terminate the contract (you can exit at anytime with a very limited notification period)(usually 30 days).

Contract also has options to allow you to buy back Ignition licenses & hardware, should you go back to an "independant mode".

As soon as contract is signed, and the initial setup fee has been paid, our hardware is shipped ready to be installed.

You would install equipment (IT) in a rack, IT equipment room. Only two actions are necessary at that time : network configuration & providing us an access to our appliance through your network.

We are going to rebuild your existing HMI in the new supervision system, based on a backup of the existing one (best solution), or screenshots, or drawings if you want to build something new.

Testing needs a local presence to validate screens.

From now on, you can launch an unlimited number of clients from anywhere, inside the plant, outside, remotely... note that you can operate remotely too, so we advise to put some restrictions on people, physical locations, especially for safety & security purposes.

In our contracting policy you are entitled of 16h of modifications per month : if you want to connect other systems, add elements in HMI, modify things you can send requests through the system and we will implement most of requirements in less than 24h.

Any additional work out of 16h leads to additional invoicing. But our experience is that in normal operations most of the time 16h would cover your needs.