• You remember ? Old fashion solution ?
    Pay for each user
    Pay for each device
    Pay each year annual maintenance
    Pay for equipment
    Pay... all the time... !
  • With Plantformance... it is different !
    Unlimited users
    Unlimited connected equipments
    Unlimited applications (hmi,lims,apc,...)
    Exit whenever you want
    Only with a monthly fee !
  • Only a monthly invoice !
    We provide hardware, software,...
    We manage everything for you
    YOU produce and perform
    YOU get benefits
    Your factory just went Digital !

A monthly invoice for everything. Simple. Cost efficient

What is included ?

Hardware appliance

  • Computing platform
  • Ultra-fast storage
  • Backup storage
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Firewall
  • Switch
  • VPN
  • Redundancy as an option


  • Ignition(tm) by Inductive Automation
  • Plantformance HMI template
  • Plantformance monitoring
  • Plantformance service management
  • Cisco end-point protection

Services (changes)

  • Human machine interface modifications
  • Addition of new sensors, actuators,...
  • Connections to external systems
  • Plantformance monitoring
  • Plantformance service management
  • Cisco end-point protection


  • Global monitoring 24/24, 7/7
  • Health monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Updates, upgrades & patches

The 3 stages of a contract

Setup phase

  • Establishment of contract with Plantformance
  • Payment of setup fee 17k€ (26k€ if redundant)
  • Audit phase
  • Corrective actions list
  • Shipment of hardware
  • Installation of hardware
  • Connecting equipments
  • We building your new factory HMI
  • Tests and reception

Operations : we hope for long !

  • You can pilot your plant using the new HMI
  • You can add your own applications
  • We operate and maintain hardware
  • We manage and support the system
  • You pay a simple monthly invoice

Contract termination : anytime

  • Termination possible (30 days notice)
  • Equipment has to be shipped back
  • You do not keep Plantformance applications
  • You keep ownership on applications that you have developped
  • Buy-back option : You have the possibility to keep the equipment, hardware, Ignition licence, everything at the exception of Plantformance applications.
    In that case, everything will be wiped-out, a licence of Microsoft Windows (your responsibility) will be installed, together Ignition(tm) and Oracle MySQL.
    We leave the equipment when plant is operating.


  • If you want to have hardware on site
  • If your network bandwith is limited
  • If you have a lot of sensors and actuators

1.350 EUR

per month

1.950 for redundancy


  • For clients with a lot of small sites
  • If you want to have a central node, without having to host it
  • If you want very high reliability on long term (several banks in our data-center)

1.550 EUR

per month

2.350 for redundancy


  • Major companies that wish to have a central node in house
  • Or a segmentation of their network in areas with sub-nodes
  • If you want to connect ERP, central applications

1.900 EUR

per month

2.850 for redundancy