• A hardware appliance installed inside your factory
    The most innovative automation platform. For operators to managers. Customers in 90 countries. More than 10.000 installations
    Your factory at your fingertips. Operate your factory from anywhere. Add your own apps. Integrate your company IT. Get data flowing in your enterprise
    Secured and reliable integrated solution. Our equipment is located in your plant. More secured than a data-center. Designed for harsh environment. Monitored and managed 24/24 7/7
    Get it only a monthly service bill. Do not wait for anymore for investment approval. Fixed monthly bill including everything. No hidden costs, and no complex licensing

Get a new automation supervision for your factory, as a service !

A FactoryBrain™ installed in your plant.

A secured physical hardware appliance, installed in your factory. It operates independently from anything for true 24/24 operations. It is not a cloud application.

It can support your plant operations, even with 100+ clients stations, 20+ operators, 100.000+ sensors & actuators !

FactoryBrain appliances can be used in parallel for redundancy, or chained to connect multiple-sites

You could even pilot all your factories from a single location !

Hardware appliance able to pilot a factory with 100000 sensors and actuators

Cyber security, protection to hackers, privacy, security, auditing, protection are very important to us

The most secured platform on market

Security is our primary design criteria, and we want our platform to be unhackable, to protect YOUR data.

FactoryBrain(tm) has been designed using best-in-class cyber-security techniques, so your data is super-safe.

Unauthorized access to your data is impossible, even if the appliance is physically installed in a difficult-to-protect area.

Built for very high reliability

Very high reliability is our second objective, so we decided to design our own hardware (could not reach our targets with commercial hardware).

We have designed an ultimate solution where every component has been chosen with care. We even built some of the parts when required !

Our appliance has its own integrated UPS, an integrated backup, a switch, VPN, and can operate in redundant mode without any external IT solution.

Stamp of quality, service, reliability. FactoryBrain is designed to be very reliable

cost-cutting on hardware, software, and overall costs

Affordable, no capital investment needed

What are new technologies if they are not affordable ?

Everything in our design besides security and reliability is oriented to lower costs, because we want to propose a very high value for a marginal cost.

We also focus only on one service, one product, and we cover development and management costs on a very high number of implementations, not just on a single client !